Middle-Grade · teaching literature

Teaching Tuck Everlasting, Part II

About two weeks ago, I posted that I was getting ready to start Tuck Everlasting with the fifth graders. Well, we’ve started it, and it’s going great! I decided to use a tri-fold board, like the ones kids use to present research projects, and use each panel for something different:

  • On one side, theories about the man in the yellow suit.
  • On the other, pros and cons of living forever – we haven’t gotten to that yet.
  • In the middle, the “wheel” chart I was talking about last time.


As you can see in the picture, the kids are helping to put the board together by writing their theories, the connections they find, and eventually their pros and cons, on sticky notes. This way, they’re actively contributing and hopefully learning from it. They all seemed very excited, so I think it’s going well.


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